All of our self-paced online courses/camps offer you the opportunity to learn about mental wellness, skills and strategies at your own pace over the course of 30 days.

Kona Kids Inc is committed to making mental wellness fun and engaging for all ages. Our aim is to provide courses and content full of information, tools and strategies to successfully cope with daily stressors and emotions.

As a company we believe in mental health prevention and hope that individuals or families can engage in mental wellness early on in order to prevent or minimize mental health challenges later in life.

We do not replace counselling/therapy or any medical professionals, our courses are ideal for preventative strategies or tools and skills to learn alongside another medical professional.

"This was awesome, such a fun way to learn skills along with my child in a way that they understand and can feel confident to use the tools when they need."

- Anonymous Parent

Course Elements

Some of the elements of our courses include videos, worksheets, activities and crafts.

What You Can Expect

Our courses are child friendly and easy to understand for all ages. Children will need help with writing or reading depending on their age/ability.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parent involvement and participation in all activities. This will help to facilitate your child's learning and increase their skills.

Hi, I’m Andee

Welcome to Kona Kids Inc. where we aim to "make mental wellness fun."

I have been a counsellor for many years and recognize the need for mental health prevention for children, teens and young adults.

I create courses, workbooks and in person programming that focuses on strengths, resiliency and building self-confidence. My hope is for individuals to thrive when challenges arise versus surviving to get through it.

Together we can make mental wellness fun and a part of everyday life!